Villa Giuseppe


The structure is made up of two floors: the groundfloor, where the “householders” live and the first floor for the guests with its own front door; all around there's a big lawn.

The first floor is made up of three airy bedrooms: two of them are double bedrooms, while the other has a bunkbed. Each bedroom is provided with a TV set. Furthermore, there are two bathrooms: one of them with a bathtub, and the other one with a shower; there's also a bright livingroom, with a fireplace and TV set, which is arranged to have a good relax. Lastly, there's a big diningroom, where the guests could enjoy Mrs Rosaria's breakfast and, waiting for that, could make some good coffee by themselves, thanks to the “coffee corner” that Mr Giuseppe and Mrs Rosaria have arranged for them!

Dining room

First bathroom


Double room

Double room

Living room with fireplace

Second bathroom